Pincroft Dyeing & Printing


Pincroft Dyeing & Printing Ltd

Requirement & Location

Industrial Painting and Decorating in Adlington, Chorley.


IJ Kendrick's have done many jobs for Pincroft Dyeing and Printing Ltd and the latest of which was to update the image of their "Grey Room".

The grey room was simply a material store area and the walls were bare breeze block. The job involved our tradesmen cleaning and preparing the walls before the painting could commence. In order to reach the tops of the bare walls scissor lifts had to be used, the tradesmen on site were trained and approved to use mobile elevated working platforms (MEWPS).

The job had to be done when the building was on a shut down, this was so that our tradesman could do the job safely. As it had to be done over a shut down period it meant that the job had to be done on time. This meant that in order to get the job done on time and within budget for the client the job had to be done with industrial spray units.



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